Safety First

Home security systems can help in lots of ways.  Keeping people out that you don’t want to get in, videoing babysitters to make sure they really take care of the kids, catching those doorbell ditchers who keep waking up the baby or package stealers on camera, and just giving you peace of mind. But did you ever think about the flip side of the home security system?  About how it can protect kids from getting out of the home when they shouldn’t?  Maybe you have a toddler who is a regular Houdini or a sleepwalker.  Maybe you have guns that you are keeping locked up and want them to stay out of curious hands.  Or, like one of my clients, maybe you have a child who sneaks out and gets into trouble.  Home security systems are perfect, but they can help.  This client recently installed one to help.  They have a child who is struggling with drug abuse and self destructive behavior.  They have to hide their shoes and the keys at night.  They also said the security system has really helped keep their child safe from himself.  We all would do everything we could to protect our love ones.

Maybe a security system is for you.  If you have one, what kind do you use?  What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

Also, if you’re worried about your teen, there is help out there.  Here is a great article: How do I know if my teen is using drugs or alcohol?  There is so much information out there.  You’re not alone.

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