Pesky Pests

Nothing messes up a house more than our little neighbors can.  You know, all those bugs, rodents, birds, bees, and creatures that like to nest into a warm cozy house just like we do.  If you’re building new or fixing up an old place, you’ll want to make sure every nook, cranny, crack, and hole is sealed up well.  It is well worth the investment to make sure you get quality doors and windows and are sealed up well. Check those foundations and attics closely. Make sure that you keep water away from the house (no garden beds next to the house and make sure the rain gutters drain away from the foundation).  Water near the house can weaken the foundation and cause problems with termites or other critters. Don’t stack wood right next to the house and preferably keep the wood off the ground. Keep food and garbage off the ground and in the garbage.  (If you have pets outside, be sure to bring the dishes in at night.) Keep your bushes, trees, shrubs, and plants trimmed and tidy.  This will help keep those pests from nesting.  Being proactive is much better than trying to fix a problem with rats gnawing through electrical cords, termites destroying your foundation, or wasps taking over your attic.  Of course, it’s always good to have a regular pest control guy come over and spray for anything dangerous or harmful.  If you stick with the same person, they’ll learn the quirks in your yard and home and will know best how to help you and if anything seems off.

What kind of horror stories do you have?  Any recommendations you have?

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