Crown Molding

Crown molding is a wonderful way to spice up the look of your room without a ton of work or expense.  It adds a lot to the feel of the space.  The hardest part of crown molding are the corners.  But with a little patience and practice, you’ll be a pro.

First, measure the whole area that will be needing the crown molding installed. Next, head over to the home improvement store (like Lowe’s or Home Depot) and order your favorite molding. After you get it, you’re going to lay it out and cut it.  Remember when you’re doing this to use your eyes instead of a level if your room is slightly out of alignment (which is pretty common).  You want it to look parallel to any other trim.  So start at an inside corner and work to the outside corner. Hold it in place over a door casing (to ensure it looks level) and mark its position with a pencil.  You will probably want someone else’s eyes for assistance here. Use a miter box to cut the molding at a 45 degree angle.  With the inside corner (top) being shorter than the outside corner (bottom). Sand the back of the angled cuts so that the front fits together tightly. Attach the molding to the wall with joint compound and a few finishing nails. Use the mud to fill in any gaps or holes. Smooth out the joints and mudded areas while the compound is still wet. Once it’s dry, sand until smooth. Then you simply tape and paint as usual.  Simple, but it adds a dramatic look to any space.

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