Storage is something most everyone could use a little more of.  Unless you have lots of space, you might need to get a little creative in how you use your storage.  Number one thing here is to think maximizing any empty space.  So areas like under beds, under stairs, etc… maximize it.

You could keep under the stairs open on the side and use it for books.  Or you could create pullout drawers for the side of the stairs…. the actual stairs themselves could be drawers.  Your baseboards under your cupboards could be drawers for flat things like baking sheets, cutting boards, etc.  Murphy beds in a guest room are always nice.  Where you can fold them into the wall when they’re not in use.  You could also have the guest room be a storage room where there is a false floor/platform that needs to be stepped up onto when you enter the room. (Or on one side of the room if the room is large.) It can have boards you lift to reveal extra storage space in the floor. Under the bed doesn’t get tons of use.

You could make the bed taller to fit things under it.  You could have a bed frame with drawers in it that you can pull out.  Or you could even raise your bed up closer to the ceiling and put a desk and dresser under the bed (think a bunk bed without the other bed under it), we’ve done this for our girls’ rooms and love it.  When it comes to storage, just think outside the box.  What are some of your ideas?

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