You might be wondering what shiplap is.  Well, it’s a type of board that is used as an exterior siding for homes, sheds, barns, etc. or interior siding for decoration. Shiplap is all the rage these days.  It was around a century ago, and was well used and loved back then and it’s starting to make a comeback.  It is really easy to install and absolutely beautiful.  I love this farm type feel, it is definitely my favorite.  (Let’s just hope it doesn’t become the paneling of the 70’s.)

There are two types of wood you can use, tongue and groove that just snaps together or the regular rabbit edge that just overlaps, usually between 3″ and 10″ wide. I just used plywood in my house.  You will need a tape measure, a level, a chop saw, and a nail gun with 2 3/8″ framing nails. (I prefer the ones with the clipped head.  They hold better and give it a more rustic look.) If you’re putting the paneling over drywall, be sure to clearly mark where the studs are so you get the nails in the right spots.

The entire project will go very well if you make sure your first boards (I like to start from the bottom up, but you can do top down) are level.  As you build up, just make sure you stagger the joints so you don’t have a solid line.  It is much more pleasing to the eye. I like to use paint stirrers to keep the gap between boards perfectly straight.  When you do corners, just make sure the boards line up from one wall to the other….same with windows.

When you’re all done installing it, just paint it up and it will last you wonderfully.  Of course I like farmhouse white.

Do you like shiplap?  What are your favorite styles and uses for it?

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