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“Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

“Fix it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”I love this saying! It speaks to my soul! That’s why today’s post is more of a discussion. Please leave your comments below. So, we’ve lived in the same house for a number of years and have some older carpet. It’s like 10 years […]

Safety First

Home security systems can help in lots of ways.  Keeping people out that you don’t want to get in, videoing babysitters to make sure they really take care of the kids, catching those doorbell ditchers who keep waking up the baby or package stealers on camera, and just giving you peace of mind. But did […]

Pesky Pests

Nothing messes up a house more than our little neighbors can.  You know, all those bugs, rodents, birds, bees, and creatures that like to nest into a warm cozy house just like we do.  If you’re building new or fixing up an old place, you’ll want to make sure every nook, cranny, crack, and hole is […]

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a wonderful way to spice up the look of your room without a ton of work or expense.  It adds a lot to the feel of the space.  The hardest part of crown molding are the corners.  But with a little patience and practice, you’ll be a pro. First, measure the whole […]


You might be wondering what shiplap is.  Well, it’s a type of board that is used as an exterior siding for homes, sheds, barns, etc. or interior siding for decoration. Shiplap is all the rage these days.  It was around a century ago, and was well used and loved back then and it’s starting to […]


Storage is something most everyone could use a little more of.  Unless you have lots of space, you might need to get a little creative in how you use your storage.  Number one thing here is to think maximizing any empty space.  So areas like under beds, under stairs, etc… maximize it. You could keep […]

Sliding Barn Doors

I love the country, farmhouse look.  It’s definitely one of my very favorites.  One of my favorite things to put in a farmhouse is a sliding barn door.  They’re great for closets or master baths or pantries or game rooms…or pretty much anywhere.  You can use them as headboards too.  They don’t shut tight, so they’re […]

First things first…

Thank you for visiting my new site, jaxsmartbox.com. I want you to have a great experience, so there are a couple things you need to do right away Please make sure you check with building inspectors before you start any home improvement project. The last thing you want to do is fun into some legal […]